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Magdalena Chmielewska-Cholewa

tax advisor partner

customs, VAT, trade sanctions, carbon footprint tax

+48 519 404 970 



  • Licensed tax advisor No. 11503
  • She has 15 years of experience in customs, VAT, and excise duty
  • Before she joined KDCP, she worked at the so-called big four companies.
  • At KDCP, she is responsible for VAT and international trade (including customs, sanctions, CBAM, etc.).
  • She has written numerous publications on customs, VAT, and excise.
  • She spoke at academic and industry conferences.
  • She has co-authored the commentary to the VAT directive titled "VAT Directive. Polish perspective. Commentary"
  • Graduate of the Faculty of Economic Sciences at the University of Warsaw. She also completed a postgraduate course specialising in taxation at the University of Warsaw.

Among others, she has completed the following projects:

  • Represented Polish industry in the European Commission's proceedings leading to the establishment of anti-dumping duties.
  • Represented chemical and electronics companies in the process of establishing the suspension of customs duty on imports of components from outside the EU.
  • Advised and represented companies in the implementation of special customs procedures, including inward processing, customs warehousing, and end-use.
  • Provided comprehensive service and representation to companies operating in the electronics, chemical, tyre, and transport industries, in the process of applying for AEO status.
  • Conducted the analysis of the origin of goods for the purposes of the application of customs preferences.
  • Represented companies in customs and VAT cases before administrative authorities and administrative courts.
  • Delivered training courses and workshops on customs duties, VAT, and excise duty.
  • Provided comprehensive service in customs and VAT cases involving the largest manufacturing and distribution companies.