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Consulting on excise tax and related regulations

We provide services related to excise laws and related regulations, including, in particular:

  • supporting our clients in the process of registering for excise purposes and obtaining excise permits (tax warehouse, registered consignee, and registered consignor permits),
  • helping our clients select the appropriate type of security for excise tax, calculate it, and select the best form for its submission, 
  • providing ongoing support to ensure the correct fulfilment of specific obligations related to excise tax, fuel surcharge, and emission fee,
  • supporting our clients in making excise tax settlements, including, in particular, the preparation of excise tax returns and statements concerning the fuel surcharge and emission fee,
  • determining the classification of excise goods to appropriate CN codes and helping our clients obtain binding excise information,
  • representing clients in tax audits and tax proceedings,
  • developing internal procedures and instructions for excise laws and related regulations, 
  • carrying out reviews to i.a. identify risks and potential savings,
  • providing training in excise laws and related regulations, including, i.a. on the fuel surcharge and emission fees.
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