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Consulting on ''health-promoting'' regulations

We provide services related to i.a. the sugar levy, so-called Tobacco law and Anti-Drug Law, in particular:

  • helping our clients determine which products should be subject to the sugar levy and how high it should be,
  • classifying smoking products to appropriate categories on the basis of the so-called Tobacco law,
  • providing ongoing support to ensure the correct fulfilment of obligations related to the sugar levy,
  • supporting clients in establishing the obligations they face on account of the production and marketing of products intended for smoking, vaporisation, or aromatherapy,
  • helping clients obtain individual interpretations of tax and legal regulations,
  • representing clients in disputes before authorities and administrative courts,
  • developing internal procedures and instructions to ensure that clients fulfil specific obligations correctly,
  • drafting contracts for clients to protect their interests in relations with business partners, 
  • supporting our clients in obtaining permits necessary for conducting certain types of operations (e.g. permits for growing or buying fiber hemp),
  • carrying out reviews to i.a. identify risks and potential savings,
  • providing training on the aforementioned regulations.
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